Christine Schneider Smith


COMMUNICATION: Getting Your Points Across and Being Understood (Am I making myself CLEAR?)
CUSTOMER SERVICE: Creating and Maintaining Great Customer Relationships (How do I get my customers to love me?)
LEADERSHIP: Balancing Leadership with Management Effectively
  Dealing with Changes (How to keep them from driving me crazy!)
  Coaching for Performance
  Enhancing Personal and Organizational Effectiveness (Personal development in a team environment)
  Employee Evaluations that Guarantee Results (What good employees need and want to hear AND what some employees don't want to hear)
  Goal Setting - Individual and With Staff (Where we are headed?)
  Overcoming Negativity (Turn negatives into positives.)
  Problem Solving and Critical Thinking Skills (Decision making that moves your organization forward)
  Team Building (Tools that help your people know how important they are)
  Trust Building (Employees who"trust" you do better work.)
  More than "Traditional" Train-the-Trainer
MANAGEMENT: Employee Satisfaction AND Improved Performance (“Happy” employees work better.)
  Conflict Management
  Delegating for Success (You cannot do it all.)
  Managing Projects Effectively
  Conduct a "Better" Meeting (and produce great results.)
  Avoiding Sexual Harassment and Hostile Work Environment (Keep out of trouble)
  Discipline, Documentation, and Termination
  Stress Management and Reduction (Balance your life and enjoy it more.)
  Master Your Time Habits (Don’t “waste” your time and mine.)
WORK STYLES: Best Practices with Challenging “Characters” (How to deal with “awful” people)
  Making the Most of Generational Differences (Value, accept, and utilize all levels of experience currently in the workforce)


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